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Susan Levin

Director of Marketing

Susan Levin is the Director of Marketing with the Grady Group of New England. Her responsibilities include scheduling appointments, setting up seminars, and otherwise working with our clients. She has worked in financial services and sales previously; this industry is just the right fit for her. Susan is extroverted, outgoing, and empathetic. When not working, she enjoys rock climbing, hiking, and spending time with her family. She resides in Simsbury, Connecticut with her husband and teenage son. She also has a black cat named Murphy.

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Chuck McIntosh

Chuck McIntosh wears quite a few hats and is responsible for several jobs here at Grady Group. He’s a loyal, honest person who gets satisfaction from helping others. When not working, he enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, golfing or riding trails. He also has two dogs named Charlie Brown and Lucy.

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