Seven Different Ways

We thought we’d bring to your attention an article recently published by AARP that discusses seven different ways retirement income will be different this year: 

“For most people, retirement finance is a delicate balance between income that’s likely less than what you made while working and expenses that may be lower in some areas (no more commuting) but considerably higher in others (more prescriptions and doctor visits).”

“Year-to-year changes in areas key to retiree life — Social Security benefits, Medicare premiums, tax and savings policies geared for older adults — can have a big impact on that balance, especially as they interact with economic shifts such as higher inflation or a market downturn.”
Take a look at the article: read it in full by clicking here, and see if any of the seven ways they identify affect you. If so, you’ll need to adjust your retirement strategy. Call us, we’re always here to help you navigate changes in your financial situation.

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